We are following the Swedish public health authority’s recomendations regarding COVID-19


August 28-30


18:00 – 21:00


11:00 – 17:00

Friday = Exhibition opening at the IKEA hotel

Saturday & Sunday = All the different art exhibitions

Welcome to Älmhult art trail 2020

A glocal art trail

Collective exhibition

A wonderful bunch of people, with a big passion for art, have merged together to create this glocal art trail.

Art from local artists from all over the world collected in the middle of the forest in the South of Sweden.

Enjoy Älmhult’s Art Trail which reflects the unique combination of both international and local atmosphere, enriched by the impact of individuals who live in this unusual environment. Experience the countryside vibe, created by artists and international community, who share love for the accessible design. You ask how is it possible? It’s all glocal!

During the exhibition you will see traditional paintings, ceramics, poetry, design, land art, textile, illustrations and felting art; a wonderful mix of different expressions coming together, only this weekend!

Moreover, there will be a lot of fun activities to engage in, so the only thing you need to do is to let yourself be surprised. To name a few: find the ‘Pink squirrel kids atelier at our locations, do a bike tour with the passionate Scott Ian, wander around in the lovely forest galleries and ceramic ateliers, experience artistic bakery at the pop-up café ko(n)sten (at Muff) , experience the culture centers beautiful garden at Möckelsnäs and harvest festival, listen at the finissage poetry in a house full of stories and let your ears be filled with the notes of the pink squirrel jazz band!

Vernissage (exhibition opening)

This fabulous art weekend will have a kick off with a group exhibit in the IKEA Hotell.

You will be able to look at some kick ass art, meet the artists, eat good food and drink some delicious drinks. All of this while listening to the soft notes of Magpie, a fantastic singer/songwriter from Älmhult.

Place: IKEA hotell (nr 1 on the map)
Date: August 28th (Friday)
Opening: 18:00


On the last night there will be a poetry night with poetry, of course, and also music in the old big Loshult property ‘Fyra Vindar’. Fyra Vindar, originated in 1840, is both a gallery and a home for the artist Mare Hilstra and a designer and singer Friso Wiersma. It is the perfect place to express artistic stories and have a wonderful country side closing celebration. Klara’s cafe will take care of our drinks and snacks. 

Place: Fyra Vindar (nr 16 on the map)
Date: August 30th (Sunday)
Opening: 18:00

Sign up here 

If it rains we need to be inside and the we have limited space, that’s why you need to sign up if you would like to attend. We have two different  time slots 18:00-19:00 or 19:00-20:00 to visit for Poetry reading and live music! 

Children’s map

The map is a PDF that is in Swedish but the squirrel hunt can still be done! Take a look at the map, look for squirrels at the exhibitors places and have fun! When you feel done you can go to the IKEA hotell and collect your reward, just remember to bring a picture of you and a squirrel and the reward is yours! 


This is the official map for Älmhult art trail 2020
(You will find more information on each artists blog post)