Lisa Jansson – Älmhult art trail 2020

Lisa Jansson

Älmhult art trail 2020

I feel a concern that we have lost the ability to connect to each other, forgetting how we communicate and listen. Instead, the focus is on our differences, rather than similarities. This I think is a big part of what is creating segregation today. Therefore, with the help of art, I want to create a room where we can find our way back to each other, a room where we can meet as equals, find our way back to how we listen to each other. In this room, I let my works act as a platform for integration. An integration between me and the viewer, and above all, the viewers among themselves. For this room to arise, I work from aspects I hope many can relate to, recognize them themselves in. I often work from general themes and in series. Some of my art has a distinctly animal inspired theme, I see myself as a fantastic of all the creatures of the earth and I often use the animals in my works as different representatives of what I want to convey. Apart from the use of animals, the art I create is strongly linked to an act about the human psyche, what it is in our behavior that makes us what we are, what it is that humanizes us? How do our needs relate to what we think we need and how do these characterize our local environment without really taking any direct position on it? I usually make an active choice to work from the inside out, so many of the works include parts of myself, my insecurities and wonder. It is important for me to be honest in my art, to start from where I have been and where I am, to include an authentic emotional connection. When I do this, I hope that my works receive an authenticity that makes it easier for the viewer to relate to them. Some of the works are also based on a strong symbolism and various metaphors where I mix traditional media with each other. In a way, I can suggest that the choice of method contributes to the choice of motives. I use the symbolism and the metaphors for the art I do to be relatively easy to interpret and to speak for itself without going into exaggeration. When I work, I have a tendency to work very structured from beginning to end. By expressing myself in various media and testing new forms of creation, I find an element of surprise, something I cannot influence or predict. In recent years I have spent a lot of time travelling around on my own in the world and wherever I go I am struck by how we all seem to look for the same thing, I think it is the feeling of being seen, someone understands you. We want to recognize each other but have forgotten how. Art does not see you, do not judge you. But if you let it, it will teach you to grow.

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Möckelsnäs Diö

Is exhibiting in Möckelsnäs Herrgård

  • Mixed media art

  • Nr 11
  • 29 – 30 Aug
  • 11:00 – 17:00

  • Website

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