Alinde Jormfeldt – Älmhult art trail 2020

Alinde Jormfeldt

Älmhult ART TRAIL 2020

To me art is more than just a beautiful picture. Painting always has a deeper meaning. Creating abstract art is a tool for me to express feelings. I use a lot of color and movement when I paint. When I feel ready with a piece I want the observer to experience balance through my way of using colors, techniques, contrasts and dots. Basically I use water color but the finished piece I have to call mixed media because of my acrylic dots, which also creates a red thread in my exhibitions. Together with the title every piece of art is like a small story where I have felt and experienced something that I try to put a word on and that is how every piece gets their title. When I show my pantings I want the observer to get the impression of context in my work but on the same time they should feel like the pieces are strong on their own. In the end I want to create simple and timeless art the observer can enjoy for a very long time.

Alinde Jormfeldt 2_porträtt_kr_2020_web

Alinde Jormfeldt 1_kr_2020_web


Exhibiting in Lokstallarna port 7-8

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