Mall – Älmhult art trail 2020

Lena pedersen

Älmhult art trail 2020

Thinking of Lena Pedersen’s art the feminine body easily springs to mind. It is a dear and recurring motif, both in her papier mache sculptures and in her paintings. Strong colors also characterize the majority of the artwork. During this year’s art round we will see where we end up. Probably no one goes unaffected by the current global situation and we are all looking for ways to get through the pandemic and social distance. Lena finds her peace in the surrounding nature and says that it is most likely to be reflected in the works exhibited during the art round. Maybe a woman or two will sneak in, but the focus will be on nature and its power. Reconstructed with mixed media.

Lena Pedersen 3_porträtt_kr_2020_web

Lena Pedersen 2_kr_2020_web

Lena Pedersen 1_kr_2020_web


Is exhibiting in Muff

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