Älmhults konstrunda 2019 med rosa kvadrat och skog

7 pm - midnight

11 am - 5 pm

[these are the general times when the art trail is open, restaurants and other activities might have different opening hours]

Welcome to Älmhult art trail

An art trail like no other

45 artists
25 locations
1 common exhibition

A wonderful bunch of art loving people have come together to create this art trail so that you can meet the artists and experience our wonderful divers culture!

During Älmhult art trail you’ll be close to nature while you travel on our Smålandish roads to visit our great locations. You will experience contemporary art that reflects Älmhult and it’s surroundings.  We will be exhibiting traditional paintings, ceramics, poetry, land art, textile, illustrations and felting art.

It will be a wonderful mix of different expressions coming together this weekend

You  will also find fun activities for children,  you can look at traditional candy making (polkagris tillverkning) you can take a bike ride with Ian to visit our exhibition halls, there will be a mobile cafe, a sculpture park, jazz concert and lots of more fun!

You don’t want to miss this!

We will kick off this fabulous weekend with an exhibition opening and live music at the IKEA hotell! It will be on the 30th of August in the evening. Here you’ll meet the artists and you’ll get a glimpse of what they do, eat good food, drink nice drinks (alcohol free options are available) and dance to the local band Malins orkester.



Here you’ll find the official map over Älmhult art trail 2019. You can switch between Swedish and English when you open the map in a bigger window.