Malin Ekhult

Malin Ekhult

Älmhults konstrunda 2019

Malin Ekhult is a Graphic, Pattern and Packaging designer from Stockholm who moved to Diö a few years ago. She likes smart solutions, sharp contrasts and to play around with fun color combinations.

Almost everything Malin creates ends up digital, but it is not unusual that a project starts with a rough handmade sketch that will serve as a base or skeleton in her project. She is a vivid collector of textures and color combinations, her phone is full of inspiring combinations and is one of her most important tools.

”There are few things that gets me more excited then colors, typography and patterns! One of my best sources of inspiration, besides life in general, are from TV! A show with a great producer, graphic designer or photographer can be a gold mine when it comes to colors and typography combinations! Take a look a Jacques Tati’s movies and tell me that you don’t feel inspired!”

Malin Ekhult (8)-min
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Is exhibiting at Kimmelsbygd

  • Graphic design and patterns

  • Nr 19
  • 31 Aug – 1 Sep
  • 11:00 – 17:00

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