Kristina Nordenmark

Kristina Nordenmark

Älmhults konstrunda 2019

The richness of detail, the colors and the variety is what has captured Kristina’s interest in orchids. They may seem unusual and exotic in appearance but the fact is that the Orchidaceae family is one of the world’s richest families in the plant kingdom. In this exhibition, “A forbidden magnificence”, you can see some of the Swedish species that she has photographed.
Kristina Nordenmark was born and raised in Östersund (with the somewhat unusual and heavily threatened orchid brownish as a landscape flower) but has been living in Eneryda in Älmhult municipality for some years now. She has been photographing nature, extreme sports and people for about 15 years.

Kristina Nordenmark (1)-min


Is exhibiting at Möckelsnäs Herrgård

  • Photography – nature, printed on plywood

  • Nr 10
  • 31 Aug – 1 Sep
  • 11:00 – 17:00

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