Ali Aljoundi

Ali Aljounde

Älmhults konstrunda 2019

I’m from Syrian and I came to Sweden in 2014 and took up my old hobby that I had in Syria which is painting. I’ve always been a painter even in Syria but in Sweden I have the chance to develop my ideas and my skills.
My art is mainly about my personal situation as a refugee or the general situation and some portraits.

Ali Aljounde (6)-min
Ali Aljounde (5)-min
Ali Aljounde (4)-min
Ali Aljounde (2)-min
Ali Aljounde (1)-min
En målning av kaos en man bär ett barn i säkerhet
Bild på konstnären Ali Aljounde framför hans tavlor med gula människor och stora händer


Is exhibiting at Stinsens vävstuga

  • Painting

  • Nr 5
  • 31 Aug – 1 Sep
  • 11:00 – 17:00

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