Elvira Roslund Gustavsson 2019-en

Sculptural meetings with balance – an art exhibition by the artist
Elvira Roslund Gustavsson•

Skulptur i lera av Elvira Roslund för utställningen skulpturala former i balans

Elvira mostly works with sculptural ceramics, her exhibition ”Sculptural meetings with balance” is about the relationship between different components in life like experiences, feelings and places. Her sculptures are mirroring her feelings from different experiences through both the shape and the surface textures.   

When? August 24 – October 5th 2019. The exhibition opening is Saturday 24th of August between 11-13.

Where?  Kulturhuset Blohmé (above​  Älmhult library)

Time The exhibition hall has the same opening hours as Älmhult library. 

A warm welcome!

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