Jörgen Risum 2020 – en

Nature photography by Jörgen Risum•

Jörgen Risum has been taking pictures for a long time and to him photography is both a way of expression and a tool. The motifs have been many. Continuing themes are texture, water and mirroring in nature. A combination of these are ”Seen through water”, one of the themes of this exhibition. Often his pictures becomes abstract and curious, you don’t really see what it is, but have to wonder and inspect a little more. Jörgen appreciates to control the whole process from expo­sure through development and editing to the final print. He thinks it is deeply fascinating to find hidden structures and motifs by using different digital tools. He is even making 3D-objects.

When? February 15th to March 14th 2020. (The exhibition opening is 15th of February between 11-13)

Where? Kulturhuset Blohmé (above Älmhult library)

Time The exhibition hall has the same opening hours as Älmhult library.

A warm welcome!

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